Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 113: Tableau viva! & Ars amo

So I’d said, “Shall we join the ladies?”

Lynette nodded, and to my surprise let me lead her into the room, side by side, my arm round her waist and her hand on my ass.

canerayleneRaylene was still bent over the desk, head facing forward, still wearing the teeshirt she’d worn on her visit to the back of the church, and still holding the desk’s legs on the far side. Dorabella had moved to her front, her dressing gown half open, leaving her left nipple uncovered and her right poking, in its attention-demanding way, through the silk.

Lynette had to be seeing more of Dorabella than she’d managed before, despite her best efforts. Dorabella stroked Raylene’s hair silently. She still had the cane in her hand, that I’d told her to hold until I needed it.

They’d both been good, even in my absence. Even though Dorabella didn’t, strictly speaking, have to be. Though Raylene wouldn’t have had any trouble obeying my instruction not to speak, since they’d both been listening to Lynette and me in the corridor. 

I said to Lynette, “Two beautiful girls. Two good girls.”

Lynette didn’t reply to me. “Hi you two. He’s right. You are both amazingly beautiful.” Dorabella made to clutch at her robe, then decided not to bother. I considered telling her to take it off. I expected that she’d obey. But Raylene was the star: she wouldn’t want her sister up-staging her.

“Lynette,” I said, “that’s your chair. You’re guest of honour. Raylene’s being caned for her rudeness to you. You get to watch her arse, and her face.”

“Hmm.” Lynette moved past me and sat in the chair facing the desk, side-on to Raylene’s body. “Hi, Raylene. It’s okay. I know you’re not allowed to speak. I’m here to watch you get punished. I’m not a cruel girl. Not like him. But I hope it hurts.”

Raylene dropped her head, at that. I said, sharply, “Head up, girl. And keep your face turned to Lynette. She can watch you when the cane lands.” Raylene lifted her head, and turned to Lynette, face beautifully red. I had an idea. “And keep eye contact with Lynette throughout. Until I’ve finished with you. Or you’ll get extra strokes.” 

Then I said the part part that almost certainly meant she wouldn’t get any extra strokes. “And Lynette, can you tell me if she breaks eye contact, or looks away, even for a second?”

Lynette looked at me, considering again. “Yes, of course.”

But she wouldn’t. I was sure she wouldn’t. And that was fine. I didn’t want to add more strokes, just add to Raylene’s delicious sense of humiliation. I said, “Thank you. Okay, we’re nearly ready to begin again. Dorabella, can you come back and film?”

“Just a moment.” Dorabella kissed Raylene’s forehead, just above the hairline, picked up the phone from the desk, and came back to her place beside me. She focussed the camera on Raylene’s arse, and knelt to get the angle right. 

I stepped past her, and came round to the front of the desk. “Raylene, you can speak again, now.”

canedrayleneRaylene coughed a couple of times, to get her voice back. “Thank you, master.” She was still gazing at Lynette. Partly because it was an order, and partly because it was hot. I stroked her hair, then pulled her face to me. She smiled.

I knelt before her, her humble and admiring servant with a cane, and kissed her. 

“I love your arse,” I said. “I’m pretty sure I’m falling in love with you too. Even if it’s a bit early for that.”

Raylene looked at me. Then she nodded. She believed me. It seemed to be good news, though we’d have to talk about it later. Not everything needs a witness. I put my palm under her chin and ran my fingers along her cheek. “Still going to cane you till you cry though. And then some more.”

2 thoughts on “Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 113: Tableau viva! & Ars amo

  1. The eye contact thing doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s so intimate. I could see it being excruciating.

    And what is it about crying? It is simply an expression of submission or do you enjoy it for its own sake?

    • The eye contact thing is intensely intimate. I think it’s become a cliche, but it works.

      Crying is beautiful in its own right. It’s a relief and release of emotion. And it’s one of a submissive’s signs of utter surrender, and also an expression of need for the dominant’s comfort, love and solace. Which a sensible dom can enjoy delaying, letting the need build, but never deny.

      And, well, tears are beautiful, and a submissive’s tears are hot. If I can make tracks in a submissive’s mascara, I’ll want to comfort her. But I may want to hear more sobs and see more tear-tracks first. For the aesthetics and the sex.

      So yes, I enjoy a girl’s grief at being punished, for its own sexy sake.

      And making her happy again afterwards is heaven. Sexual catnip.

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