2 thoughts on “Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 113: Tableau viva! & Ars amo

  1. The eye contact thing doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s so intimate. I could see it being excruciating.

    And what is it about crying? It is simply an expression of submission or do you enjoy it for its own sake?

    • The eye contact thing is intensely intimate. I think it’s become a cliche, but it works.

      Crying is beautiful in its own right. It’s a relief and release of emotion. And it’s one of a submissive’s signs of utter surrender, and also an expression of need for the dominant’s comfort, love and solace. Which a sensible dom can enjoy delaying, letting the need build, but never deny.

      And, well, tears are beautiful, and a submissive’s tears are hot. If I can make tracks in a submissive’s mascara, I’ll want to comfort her. But I may want to hear more sobs and see more tear-tracks first. For the aesthetics and the sex.

      So yes, I enjoy a girl’s grief at being punished, for its own sexy sake.

      And making her happy again afterwards is heaven. Sexual catnip.

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