Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 111: Lynette’s cunt’s desire, corridors and perhaps me

e0047f29e58fbafe9f669a5f6de9b861.22I’d told Lynette that she and Raylene could fuck without me, and Lynette had detailed just how unhappy that’d make me. I don’t think she minded me being unhappy as much as I might. But I said, “Yeah, more or less.”

Though actually the next room was Dorabella’s, and I was reasonably sure I’d find consolation there.

Lynette nodded. “Good decision.” She kissed me again. “And very noble, I suppose. But if I did join you and Raylene, would you expect to fuck me too?”

“I’d want you. Promise you that. But whether we fuck depends on you. In the moment.”

“Fair enough. Not saying I’m agreeing. Just that you’re not being a total shit. Um, what are you doing after you’ve finished caning Raylene?”

consoledI had a fairly detailed plan for the minutes while the pain receded, and the hours after that when it was bearable, a warm aching but still there. My cock featured prominently in those plans. But I said, “Consolation.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. What if I do want to join you? How would that work?”

“Well, I’ve told Dorabella that today’s Raylene’s. I mean Raylene and mine. We’re new to each other. I just want to spend today with her, mostly in bed. I’m pretty sure she feels the same.”

“Oh.” She sounded disappointed about that. Which meant – Anyway, I tried to hide the elation I felt about her being disappointed.

“But tomorrow’s another day. Scarlett O’Hara said so, so it must be true. If you showed up at, say, seven in the morning, I can guarantee we’d make space for you. And find some spare limbs to wrap round you.”

“And you’d wave your cock at me.”

“Optional. Recommended, but optional.”

“Hah!” She spoke that, but then she really did laugh. But after that she looked serious again. “Ah shit. I don’t think I can. I’ve got a tutorial in the morning. It’s compulsory.”

three headsSo now we were plotting how to make our threesome work. It made me light-headed. I thought of many very stupid things I could do or say in celebration. This time I managed to keep them down.

I said, “Damn. Buttfuck. If buttfucking was a bad thing. Bother.”

She still held me, but she’d loosened her grip. “Yep. That’s about it. We might find the mood and the circumstances another time.”

“Oh.” I had wanted the night to be just for Raylene and me, too. But this was letting something potentially wonderful go, with no certainty of a later chance. I pulled Lynette in tighter and kissed her. The kind that comes with need and passion. “Actually.”

Lynette was engrossed in being held and kissed. By a man. With passion. And an erection. I wondered if I smelled good. But eventually she looked up. “Actually?”

“Well, technically today will end at midnight. If you were here at, oh, a minute past, I know we’d both be very pleased to see you.”

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