2 thoughts on “Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 109: Lynette, her cunt’s desire, and a corridor

  1. That’s one of my favourite fantasies – to be forced by an evil master to fuck another woman, against my will. But it’s like the Paradox of the Masochist – the more I want this to happen, the more impossible it is. It’s like a self-denying prophecy. Or something.

    Ohh, and I will be in London for the whole month of July, as it happens. Shall we…?

  2. I’d like a cup of tea, and I’d love a discussion about filth and the Oxford Book of English Verse, yes. So I’ll sort out when I’m going to be there, and that’d be great.

    As for the fantasy… It’s not applicable in this instance because Lynette and Raylene both fancied each other. So I didn’t have the power to “force” Raylene. I could only “prevent” them, because that was the only thing that would go against the grain. And I had no interest in that.

    In the threesomes I’ve been involved in, except one (you can probably guess which one that would be from the story so far) the women have already fancied each other. I’ve been a catalyst to make it happen, but never a “wicked master”, fun though that would be.

    The “masochist paradox” is indeed tricky. From a master’s point of view, you’d have to find a slavegirl who really didn’t want to fuck another girl, but who wouldn’t get genuinely angry with the master if he forced her to. I’ve mostly only known submissives who fancy other women, or who don’t and for them it’s a hard limit, not to be crossed.

    There was one submissive woman who was in that narrow zone, straight but liking to be forced. But she was incredibly jealous, so when I tried to line up another girl there were sulks and unhappiness for days. That even beating couldn’t fix. I did find a sort of solution, but I think I’ll save that for another story, if we all live to the end of the tale of Raylene. Live long and Mérimée!

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