Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 105: Raylene meets the cane, while Dorabella watches

Raylene said, “Master?” 

“Girl.” I thought this was the start of some delaying game. I wasn’t in the mood. 

Er, what are my motivations for this scene?

Er, what are my motivations for this scene?

“Could you take photos? I’d like to have a record of the first time I get the cane. I want to see the first mark. First mark ever.”

Oh. I should have thought of that. I took out my cell. “Dorabella?”

She dithered, looking at the cane awkwardly. She put it ,between her thighs.

She knew I liked that. She took the phone from my hand.  “Yes, I can do that.”

“Okay. Actually, could you set it on video? Get all of Raylene’s thighs and ass into the image. Maybe some of me, but that doesn’t really matter. But make sure you get a clear, close image of her ass, because she’ll want to see the marks developing. And keep it still, can you do that?”

“Never filmed a porno before, I’ve got to say. But … yes, I know how to do, oh, weddings and parties. Anything.”

“Good.” Because of the mood I was in and because it seemed to flow, I added, “Good girl.” But Dorabella was already blushing, and that made no visible difference. “And thank you.” I waited a few seconds while Dorabella knelt so the lens was level with Raylene’s ass. “Ready?” 

Raylene said, “Yes, master.” 

I put my hand on her bottom. Gently, but with a trace of warning. “I meant Dorabella.” 

Dorabella looked up at me. “Yeah. I got it.” 

“Okay, Raylene. You’re the cast of Raylene’s First Caning. Get it right, because there won’t be any re-takes. Unless you let go of the table.” Raylene nodded enthusiastically: she didn’t want re-takes either. “Action.”

And I swung the cane down with medium force. The bamboo landed across Raylene’s arse, with an oddly dry sound, a ‘snick’ like a dry branch breaking. The stripe started to define and declare itself at the same moment that the pain had built enough to shock Raylene into movement. “Owww! Ah fuck! Fuck that hurts! Oh, owww…”  

Get down!

Get down!

I let her wail and writhe, because it made her sound and look so utterly fuckable. A submissive girl doing her best to please, and pleasing me even when she broke position. She was only human, and so am I. But after about a minute, I said, “That was one. Twelve to go, with this cane.” I felt sympathetic, and that I was doing the right thing by her. “Get back in position now.”

Raylene sighed. She could still feel exactly where the cane had landed, low on her arse, and it still hurt. But the first shock of pain was starting to fade. She knew that I’d fix that in the next few seconds. “Yes master.” 

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