Hctiw is backwards witcH

I’ve been working for money again, so I’m not going to have time to continue the story of Diane the vampire girl today. 

Instead here’s a picture of a woman in a slightly different supernatural category. I don’t know why she’s flying her broom backwards. Perhaps she’s parking. 

2 thoughts on “Hctiw is backwards witcH

  1. Parking is the only explanation I could think of. Just outside the frame of this drawing, there’s a parking bay of brooms, handles in towards the curb, outside a clothes shop.

    I suppose the Victorian – or Edwardian – illustrator had to have her riding side-saddle because painting a woman riding a long hard thing, with a bush at one end, between her legs would have been a bit … indelicate.

    And if she was riding her broom side-saddle but facing forwards, he’d have to make decisions about whether to paint in her nipples (Waterhouse, the pre-Raphaelite painter, painted a lot of breasts but he never gave them nipples).

    And then there’s the pubic hair issue.

    In those far-off Victorian days women had pubic hair, according to photographic evidence. And I don’t blame them; I wouldn’t let a Victorian cut-throat razor get anywhere near anybody’s lady parts.

    But look at Victorian paintings of naked women, and you’ll wonder where all the body hair went. Ah well.

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