Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 8

Gem: God fuck. That’s not fair… Fuck.

Jaime: Now, don’t move. And remember you still want to focus all your attention on your cunt.

[He places his hand back against her cunt, palm still flat against soft lips. His touch is ambiguous. Its pressure comforts her, but it might also bring a warning, that if she moved there could be another smack. Perhaps even a real smack this time. If Jaime spoke any threat out loud, or made any move that threatened a real smack, Gem would rebel and the spell would be broken. She can only accept the hint of his power over her, and her possible acceptance of his punishment, if it remains unspoken. And not acted upon. Still, so long as the warning is not spoken, it is there. And Gem, after that trembling gasp, holds herself still. She is being obedient.]

Jaime: ’Kay, that’s good. So good.

Gemma's got a squeezebox...

[As her reward he curls his fingers under her, clasps and strokes her. Gem gazes at his eyes as he pushes his fingers, not gently, inside her. She is slickly wet, and warm, for him. He squeezes, hard, the spongy wetness between his fingertips and the ball of his thumb. Gem takes a breathe and holds it.]

Jaime: Does that hurt, Gem?

Gem: No. Yes! No. It’s not…

[She does not finish her thought. But, Jaime thinks, if she were not so aroused, that would hurt just a little bit. Not much, but enough to show her that she does know how to turn pain into sex. He smiles and squeezes her harder. She does not smile, though her mouth is a little open. He holds her hard in that slippery grip, hurting her and not hurting her, while she watches his eyes. Her hands are still on her head, like a chapel roof.]

Gem: Please. Please?

[To be continued]

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