Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 7

[Gem is in a hotel room, having had a week with Jaime. At the last moment, she asked him about bdsm. He started to explain, then decided to take a different tack. Now read on.]

Gem: [no hesitation] Yes, of course I’ll trust you.

Jaime: All right. I’ll try and show you something. What I’m about to say, these are requests, okay? Not commands. I just want to show you something. So, can you put your feet apart, please?

[Gem looks at Jaime suspiciously, but she shuffles her feet a shortish distance apart. Jaime manages not to say, “good girl”.]

Jaime: That’s good, thanks.

[He cups his hand on Gem’s cunt, with the ball of his thumb pressed against her and his fingers stroking, slowly, underneath. He finds wetness, easily. Gem takes a breath and slides her left foot a little further.]

Jaime: Lovely, you. Now I want you to think about your cunt. Just focus all your attention on your cunt. Just your cunt. Now with one finger inside.

[Gem’s eyes widen and she straightens a little.]

Jaime: Now with none. Now with two fingers inside you, stroking. And stroking. And stroking. And now with none.

[Gem makes a small sound asJaime removes his slippery fingers. Jaime talks gently while he slips his fingers into her and then withdraws them, over and over. Gem has closed her eyes, and her lips move as though she is murmuring something, but he doesn’t know what.]

Jaime: That’s good. [He withdraws his fingers.] Now, I want you to put your hands away, now, so you won’t accidentally interrupt. Okay? That’s good. [He slips two fingers inside, and notes the answering movement from her. She wants to ride his hand. He presses back, and her hips start to rock a little]

Jaime: Now, if you were a submissive woman, I’d tell you to put your hands on your head. The idea would be to make you feel a bit small. Powerless. And to remind you of being little. Like a child. But that’s not the point here. I just want your hands out of the way. So probably the best thing is for you to put them on your head. Or clasp them behind your neck. Whichever you prefer, really.

[Gem glances at Jaime, to show she has an idea of what he is up to, but she brings her hands up – Jaime’s fingers still inside her, stroking and being squeezed – and clasps them on her head. The position lifts her breasts, and with them Jaime’s spirits. Regardless of what Jaime might say, the position looks, and no doubt feels, submissive.]

Jaime: Good. You’re doing well. Now stay focused on your cunt, just your cunt. On how it feels with my fingers inside.

Gem: Uh.

Jaime: And with them gone.

Gem: Oh.

[Jaime takes a step back, indicating that Gem’s cunt will stay empty for a while. She wants those fingers back. Her eyes are closed and her mouth pursed. Yearning. She is very turned on and, it may soon occur to her, not in her own control.] 

Jaime: You have to wait, Gem.

Gem: Bastard.

Jaime: No, don’t talk. It’s distracting. Just think about your little cunt. Think about how my fingers felt in you, and how you feel now they’re not there. Just a girl wanting your cunt stroked. Wanting, Gem love.

Gem: Jaime. Please.

Jaime: Would you like me to put my fingers in you?

Gem: Yes please.

Jaime: Would you like my cock?

Gem: You fucking well are a bastard.

Jaime: Just think about your sweet little cunt, darling. Wanting little cunt.

[He leans forward and kisses her. And he presses his hand against her. But he doesn’t stroke her, or enter, just leaves his hand firmly against her until she moves, trying to rub herself against him.]

Gem: You’re the cunt. C’mon, Jaime, please.

[Jaime lifts his hand and, still with his palm flat, and with the gentlest and slowest of movements, smacks the soft lips of her cunt. There is no possibility of hurt, but he wants Gem to understand that a man has just smacked her cunt. He gives her time to think about her reaction to having a man smack her cunt. Gem gasps, and she sucks in her stomach. But she does not move. He presses his hand firmly against her trembling lower belly, then takes it away.]

Jaime: Sweet love. And you’re blushing.

[What Gem does, after a man has smacked her cunt, is stand with her legs parted and her hands on her head, so her cunt is still entirely accessible to that man. Vulnerable. Her face, prettily pink when Jaime accused her of blushing, is now a bright red.]

[To be continued]

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