Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 6

Flailing about with a whip

Jaime: Well, not costumes so much. Not with me. But … smacking, I do that. But it’s not an end in itself. Nor’s, well, tying people up. They’re a means to an end. People don’t just flail about with a whip and call it bdsm.

Gem: No?

Jaime: Well, except idiots. But no-one’s really helpless, and no-one’s really hurt. People use pain to get to pleasure. It can hurt, of course it can hurt, but it also doesn’t hurt. Not when someone’s submitting. 

Gem: Okay.

Jaime: When you’re turned on the pain just feels like more arousal. You feel it as pleasure. Not you exactly; a submissive is likely to feel it as pleasure. The more intense it gets, the more pleasurable. 

Gem: Only up to a point, surely.

Jaime: Yeah, of course. But you stay inside that point. You don’t want to bring your partner out of the mood. 

Gem: But that point must be different for every person. How can you know that you’re not just hurting someone?

More technique than fun

Jaime: You have to know the person. You watch them carefully, to make sure they’re happy. Anyway, like I said, the physical stuff is a means to an end. It’s about the feeling.

Gem: Well, you say it’s about the feeling. But Jaime, it sounds very, oh, like you’re a technician, using all this stuff and these skills. It seems sort of cold.

[Jaime realizes he is standing naked with a woman he loves and lusts for, they’ve been having sex and they’re talking about something sexual, and yet his cock has gone soft. Gem is no doubt feeling similar, and if he doesn’t watch it they’re about to argue.]

Jaime: Okay, I’m doing this wrong. Gem, will you trust me for a while?

[To be continued]

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