Welcome, e[lust] readers

My post Golden Girl #6 is a featured piece of erotic writing in this month’s e[lust] magazine. 

So welcome, if you’re here via e[lust]!

This blog has been going for a little over two months, and it should continue more or less indefinitely, as an outlet for new writing, thoughts, and fragments of story. My aim is to be sexy, thoughtful, realistic, and occasionally silly. I post each day, but not usually more often than that. So check back once a day and you’ll stay up to date.

More of my posts are in serials than stand-alone form. So if you see something called “Golden Girl 6” it’s usually a good idea to go back to Golden Girl # 1, and work your way through. That story goes up to Golden Girl #8, and it’s a pretty good story.

Anyway, welcome!  

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