Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 19

Jaime: Well, you won’t be the first girl smacked in this room, darling. Just the one I care about right now. Come up. 

[Gem turns and presses herself firmly into his arms. Jaime holds her tight, occasionally patting her ass. There’s something in her eyes; not tears but an emotion close to tears but softer and more pleasant. She knows what submission feels like, and its pleasures.]

Gem: I should say, “I’ll be a good girl”, now, shouldn’t I? And your cock would explode.

Jaime: [not letting her lighten the mood] You will be good. But you’ve got one lesson coming.

Gem: Uh?

Jaime: My jeans, on the floor there.

Gem: Um…

Jaime: Take the belt out of the loops, Gem. You’ll be all right, but I want you to fold the belt, and then hand it to me.

[Gem, still in his arms, looks into his eyes. She knows she’ll have to decide quickly. A moment passes.]

[To be continued.] 

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