Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 20

Gem: Not many girls would do this. 

[Gem reaches down and picks Jaime’s pants off the floor, and extracts the belt, dropping the pants on the bed. For a few seconds she wraps the belt round her fingers, feeling the leather’s weight and supple strength. She pauses, looking at the belt, not meeting Jaime’s eyes, not sharing her thoughts. Then she nods, folds the belt as instructed, and holds it out to Jaime.]

Jaime: Thank you. Now … [he seats himself on the edge of the bed, with the folded belt in his left hand.] Gem, this is a very traditional thing. I want you to bend over my knee. Toes and fingers touching the carpet. Ass under my nose. 

Gem: Jaime, I don’t know…

Jaime: I could discuss it with you, Gem. But I’m just going to count to five. One. 

Gem: Jaime, are you going to hurt me? 

Jaime: Two. Yes, but it won’t hurt very much, love. I just want you to know and understand, while you’re experiencing it, that you’re getting the strap because you didn’t do as you’re told. Three. 

Gem: Please…

Jaime: Four.

Gem [panicked, or doing a good impersonation]: All right! All right!  

[She dives across his lap, supple as a fish..]

Gem: Four and a half!

[Jaime smacks her upturned bottom, with his palm rather than the strap, for that “four-and-a-half” line.] 

Gem: Yeow! 

[To be continued]


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