Above the Arctic circle!

venus anasyrma

“No, Master, the marks are still showing. Honest!”

I’m in the land of the midnight sun. It never stops being day, or starts being night. 

But if you pull the curtains they have up here, it’s night, eternal night, until you want it not to be.

Today I’m wandering about Sweden’s highest mountains, and eating reindeer burger beside some lake.

I’ve got nothing bdsm to write about today. Here’s another marble girl, whose pants would be on fire if she were wearing any. She’s from the Konstvarmuseet, back in Stockholm. 

2 thoughts on “Above the Arctic circle!

  1. When I was researching anasyrma, this was one of the classic poses I ran across. (I tried to reproduce it but the results were… disappointing.) The “original” is in Naples at the National Archaeological Museum, but even that is a Roman copy of a lost Greek original. And apparently The Hermitage in St. Petersburg has a copy. You could organize a Grand Tour structured around Aphrodite Kallipygos sculptures!

    • That is a hell of a good idea! If you’d practice your anasyrma (lovely word; thank you!), you could be coated in, oh, some kind of white cream for that marble effect, and you could do anasyrma tableaux vivants!
      God, I’d pay to see that! And so would the world!

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