Wicked Wednesday: Maddie and Lucy, in Sir’s office

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After school I raced to Sir’s office, hoping to meet Lucy before she arrived. But she’d already knocked on the door, and Sir had called, “Come”, so we went in together.

Sir was sitting behind his desk. I’d expected to see the cane there,like a badge of office and as a warning to us. But the desk was bare.

Sir smiled. “Good afternoon, Maddie. Hello, Lucy.”

So we chorused, “Good afternoon, Sir.” I looked at Lucy. She wouldn’t look at me. I hoped she wasn’t feeling feeling guilty, or silly, for giving herself to me.

I hoped she was just afraid of what Sir would think. I was about to tell him. “Sir-“

“I didn’t ask for you to speak, Maddie. Take your clothes off, and go and stand and face the wall. Lucy, you stay where you are.”

Lucy said, “Yes, Sir.”

So I swallowed the “But Sir” that I wanted to say, and started to undo the buttons of my shirt. Sir had never specified, but I expected that when he said, “take off your clothes”, I had about three minutes, maximum, before painful penalties applied. I took off the bra, and then pushed my little tartan skirt and panties down together. I stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor, and took off my socks and shoes. Then I turned to face the wall, letting my nose and nipples touch the cool woodl.

“All right, Lucy. you haven’t had the cane before, have you?”

Lucy’s voice was a little high, and shaky. “No, Sir. Never.” I wanted to turn and watch them, but I knew he’d be angry with me if I disobeyed. So I had to imagine Lucy’s squirming.

“Well, you’re about to, little Lucy. Do you think it’ll hurt?”

“Sir! Oh, yes. I’ve heard it hurts terribly.” I imagined her glancing at me when she said that.

“I intend that it will hurt you, Lucy. You didn’t hold young Maddie down when I told you to. Did you?”

“No. Sir, I know I deserve the cane.”

There was silence, while Sir looked at her. Sir would be surprised by that answer. Was Lucy teasing him? He didn’t know. Neither did I.

He said, “Take your dress off, Lucy. Now, girl.”

There was rustling beside me, just out of sight. Eventually Lucy said, “Sir.”

“Now take your panties off, put them in your mouth, and come here.”

Lucy said, “Yes, Sir.” No hesitation. She must have obeyed, because a few seconds later I heard the crisp sound of Sir’s hand landing on her bottom. Then another smack, even louder. Lucy made a small nasal noise, but couldn’t speak.

“Good. Shirt and bra off now, girl.” Mote rustling of cotton. Lucy would be naked, now. “I’m going to give you a spanking first, Lucy. Before I cane you. Do you understand why?”

I heard Lucy try to speak. So did Sir. There was another ringing smack, the hardest yet.

“Do not speak, Lucy. Honestly, I wonder sometimes if you’re as stupid as Maddie here. Just nod your head, or shake it.”

Lucy must have shaken her head, because Sir said, “You might think it’s extra punishment to get a spanking before you get the cane, but it isn’t. It helps to warm you up, and it increases blood circulation in the skin of your bottom. That means it won’t hurt you quite as much, and you don’t mark quite so severely. I’m giving you a warm-up because you were at least trying to be a good girl. Now Maddie, here, she’s just going to get her caning cold. Do you understand?”

Lucy would have nodded, her mouth still full. Then there was another sound: Lucy’s sudden hissing in of breath, and a faint moan. Had Sir touched her? Then there was silence for a few seconds, and another moan. Sir had to be stroking Lucy’s cunt. When he spoke, at last, he sounded a little out of breath, “Good girl, Lucy. One warm-up spanking for you. Now,” I heard him sit in the office chair. “Get over my knee.” 

I imagined his view, Lucy’s lovely waist and delectable little bottom under his gaze. His hand resting on her softness. I waited for the spanking to begin, but there was silence. Then Sir said, “What’s this mark on the side of your thigh? I didn’t spank you there this morning. Lucy? Where did you get extra spanks from, since this morning?” 

Lucy stayed silent. It wasn’t just that her mouth was full. She didn’t want to tell on me. I said, “Sir~”

“Ah. Maddie. Of course. Come here, girl. I think you two girls have some explaining to do.”

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5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Maddie and Lucy, in Sir’s office

  1. I wonder what their Sir will think when they tell him what they did. Somehow I think he will like it, but still punish both of them. I look forward to the next part.

    Rebel xox

    PS: Enjoy Paris!

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