Wicked Wednesday: Do I smell like that?

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So Lucy pulled her skirt up. She wasn’t wearing anything else, except a white, uniform bra. She sat on the edge of the desk. She looked at Sir, and then at me, and she opened her thighs. 

“A little bit further back, Lucy,” Sir said. “Just skootch your bottom back a bit, so Maddie’s got room to bent over and put her head between your thighs.” Lucy blushed – she was being so bold! – and moved back as she’d been told. 

“Good girl, Lucy. Maddie, you know what to do.” 

“Yes, Sir.” I stepped forward, and bent at the waist. It seemed a very formal thing to do, though I was naked and had six stripes blazing across my ass. And I was about to get six more. And another twelve if Sir could make me jump up without permission again. 

My face face pressed between Lucy’s plump thighs. She was such a sweet girl. I wasn’t into girls, but I liked her softness. As Sir liked mine.

Lucy put her hands on my head. She pressed me down so my face got closer to her pussy. 

“Lucy, you’d be safest if you pressed on her shoulders. Remember that I’ll cane you too, if she gets up. So I expect you to hold her tight. Firmly, girl.”

Lucy said, “Yes, Sir.” I felt her hands on my head one more time, pushing me lower so my cheeks pressed against the softness of her inner thighs. Her legs opened a little wider. She smelled like ice cream. Or maybe it was just that I liked the smell of ice cream. She smelled of sweat, really, and traces of piss, and something like almond. It was delicious.

Sir had taken me once already, with his mouth and his nose in my pussy, until I screamed. Did I smell like that? No wonder he liked it.

“Put your arms around her, Maddie. She’s looking after you. So hold her tight.”

“Yes, Sir.” I slipped my hands along her plump bare thighs, and clasped her bottom, one cheek in each hand. Her hands on my shoulders caressed me.

“Good girl. Good girls, both of you. Now, Maddie, be careful not to get up.” I felt the cane tap against my bottom. Once, twice. Lucy stopped carressing and pushed firmly down. I was helpless. But in such a beautiful, confusing, world.

Then the cane was gone. I braced myself.

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