In the air tonight (my girl is)


Suggestive pose! She’s been working on choreography for a moose movie

My girl is flying towards me. So life is good. 

In fact, she’s just now cleared the Arctic and arrived in Kiruna. If I were a road, I’d end in Kiruna. If I were a person, I’d end it all, in Kiruna. Unless I had a ticket on, up and out. Which my girl, fortunately for all of us, does.

Next stop is somewhere in the damn world, then it’s me!

So: you want to know about my problems?

Somewhere – damned if I know where – I put my pussy-whip down and didn’t put it away.

Where the fuck is it?

Generally I’m a cunt-sayer, when I refer to lovely ladyparts, so I should logically say “cuntwhip”. But there’s a misogynist expression, “pussywhipped”, referring to a man who takes women’s needs seriously, that’s meant to discourage men from doing that. So I like to pervert the term, to refer to a real whip. I suppose it could also be used as a cockwhip, though not by my hands.

Anyway, it’s short, it’s cute, but unlike my girl it’s multi-thonged. I’m afraid I don’t know where it is, though.

So I’ll have to tidy my office, until I find it. Then, I shall use my pussywhip to whip my girl’s cunt. And her nipples. In particular.

I’ve got bigger worries than that, though. I hope she still loves me, in the flesh. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t, having managed to love me in the first place, I guess. But we’re anxious little creatures, we humans. I have no doubts about whether I love her, or how much. 

And where in the fuck is this?

Beyond that, I intend to collar her. But I haven’t found a good collar yet. I’m after a day collar, not some leather dog collar thing with bolts, spikes and tether points. I’m looking for something more subtle, full of meaning but not too obvious to others.

So she can wear it in the vicinity of her mother, say, without setting her off. 

Can I get a good collar, in time to collar my girl? This is on-going, with no guarantee of the good, happy ending. Stay tuned!

I’m also hoping to introduce her to the joys of anal sex. And myself to the joy (I have no doubt) of having my cock in her rectum. But I’ll desist if she’s not enjoying, or is hurting more than is fun. So… can I manage that difficult… passage? I hope so, but I don’t know. 

And keeping her happy. My girl deserves a good break and a good time. Regular fuckings and spankings will help, obviously. But her energy reserves are low, and food intake needs to be regular though usually small. She is very low and miserable if she runs out of fuel, so I need to be always ready to provide something small and just right. Can I manage? I intend to, that’s for certain. 

And then, within all the parameters, there has to be room for joy.  Girl bound, and joy unbound!

5 thoughts on “In the air tonight (my girl is)

  1. I am excited for you both. I watch the coming together of lovers with delight and a large enough degree of envy to reinforce my own attachment..
    Enjoy ?

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