Schoolgirl spanking story 9

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Cindy sighed. It had to be. She undid the buttons of her shirt. She started from the top. The Headmaster tapped the table with his finger, and so Cindy removed the shirt, folded it and put in on the table. Then she reached for the catch of her skirt. 

 “No, girl. The bra next.” Cindy, red-faced, leaned forward and took off her bra. She was naked from the waist up. She was proud of her breasts. Boys were in awe of her breasts, but the Master had no comment. She put the bra on the table, on her shirt. 

schoolg stripsCindy reached again for the catch of her little skirt and undid it. It dropped to her feet before she could catch it, and she stood for a second, knowing she was entirely open to his silent gaze. Her panties, she guessed, were in the drawer of his desk.

She bent down to retrieve her skirt, knowing how she must look to him. Blushing furiously, she put the the skirt on his desk, and turned to face him.

“I said naked, girl. Are you deliberately disobeying me?”

“Oh, sir. Sorry, sir.”

Cindy bent and took off her shoes and socks, working as quickly as she could. She was very aware of him watching her. It was not a graceful position. 

 “Good girl. Well, fairly good. Now get yourself over my knee.”


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