Schoolgirl spanking story 2

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Finally the Master looked up. “Why are you here, Cindy?”

Cindy thought. She wanted to give a safe answer, that wouldn’t lead to more trouble for her. She tried, “To get my panties back? You said I could collect them after school?”

The Master smiled. “Hold out your hand. Straight out. Your left hand, with your palm upwards. Nice and flat. Now!”

Cindy obeyed. It felt so strange. She was bare-bottomed, and obeying the man who only this morning had stripped, strapped and fucked her. And yet she wasn’t frightened, not really. All she could feel was desire. Her pussy was so wet. She wanted him to hurt her hand, her bottom, wherever he liked. So long as he fucked her afterwards. 

handThe Master took her hand in both of his. His hands were warm, and strong. He smiled at her again, but it was different, more consoling. He was pleased with her.  He said, “Good girl. Now, you can be brave and obedient for me, can’t you?” 

Cindy felt her heart pounding. Yes, that was right. She wanted to show him her bravery and obedience. He would see it, and be pleased with her. She was born to be a good girl. “Oh yes, Sir. I’ll do as I’m told.”

The Master let one hand under hers, holding and supporting her. He raised his other hand, and brought it down on her palm. “Oh!” Cindy squeaked. It stung. 

He lifted his hand, looking into her eyes so that she had to gaze at his, and smacked her again. Cindy gasped this time, but didn’t make any vocal noise. The Master nodded. “Good girl,” he said again. 


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