Writing Plans for 2020

I was writing the adventures of Claire, and an unnamed Headmaster. And his secretary Maddie.

I like them, all three of them, though I initially saw my headmaster as a villain. Over time he became more thoughtful, and kinder. That’s an inevitable process in my writing, because I mostly write about people whose worst deeds are accidents, the product of need and carelessness, and not “villains”. 

My observation of life is that almost no one is a “villain”. Everyone thinks they’re a hero doing the right thing, and fiction, to be realistic, needs to include more about the damage done by people who think they’re doing right.

I think I’m going to end the Headmaster story now, at least on my blog. The saga – and it really is a saga – is better suited for books, and in particular in books for sale. The headmaster books will be for sale soon. 

That leaves me with a question about what I should do with this blog space, “Wicked Wednesday”. I think I’m going to do two things for a while. The first is to tell you something more about a Tamil girl I knew, because that passes the five-year rule. The five-year rule is that I don’t write about sexual things that happened in my life until they were at least five years ago, 

The second thing is, I’ll pay more attention to prompts.

I once told the Tamil girl – I’ll call her Ojastara, on the excellent ground that that wasn’t her name – a sexy story while I stroked her to orgasm because I was exhausted. She loved that, so I did it again, many times. So I might start with the stories I told her. It may become a more single-mindedly sexual Thousand Nights and a Night. 

Beyond that, I should tell you that I, Jerusalem Mortimer, am also another writer, under another name, which name I’m not going to speak, here, and in 2020, I’m going to be spending more time on his writing career. Sometimes there are Sexy Bits in his books, but he’s not an erotica author like your humble host here.

I’m going to spend a lot more time being him. But Jerusalem Mortimer is a part of me that I like, and I’ll keep writing as him.

For sure.  

So watch this space. 

2 thoughts on “Writing Plans for 2020

  1. Your character assessment rings true. Especially when it comes to “need and carelessness” I think. Very well put.

    I hope 2020 brings you lovely things.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

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