Wicked Wednesday: Resetting the calendar

Now we were fucking, cock to mouth, and I could feel tension and pleasure surging in me, wanting to overflow. I said, “Do you have an objection to swallowing?”

She took a second to understand the question, and she looked at me as if I was mad. Why would she object to swallowing? Why would it be up to her anyway? It seemed I was being too careful.

So I pulled her hair harder and held her face tight against me.

I came at last. She made an odd sound, something like “Lloorb”, when I flooded her mouth with salty fluid, and she swallowed, taking every drop into herself.

I slowed, breathing hard, and Claire continued to lick and suck, while I pumped her mouth, savoring those last moments of pleasure. She continued to work me, staring up into my eyes. I smiled down at her. “Good girl, Claire. You did very well. Thank you.” Then I withdrew from her mouth. “Put my cock back in my underpants, and zip me up, Claire.”

She was surprised. Most men in her life, so far, had done that for themselves. She’d experienced brutality, I felt, and abandonment, but never servitude. Servitude was, it seemed to me, something she was wired to enjoy very much. She said, “Yes, sir”, because she’d heard Maddie say that when given an order, and obeyed.

I grinned down at her and held out my hand, helping her up as if from an unusually deep curtsy. Her breasts, and the chain between the nipple clamps, bobbed appealingly. When she was standing I put my arms round her. I beckoned to Maddie, and she came and joined the hug.

We swayed together, the three of us. I sensed that Claire was happy, and her attention was somewhere inside herself at that moment. I looked at her until she returned and smiled back at me. “When did you last suck a cock, Claire?”

She smiled a little sadly. “My husband’s friend. About a year ago.” Then she smiled without sadness.

“Then we’ve re-set the calendar: Days since Claire sucked cock: O.”

She laughed a little. “Days since I’ve been fucked; I hope that re-sets too.”

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