Wicked Wednesday: Juniper’s Adventures 40

“So he let me in. Once I was inside, I just stood there and howled. Absolutely grief-stricken. I wanted to hold onto him but I couldn’t. I felt I’d let him down so badly and it was all my fault. And I felt… unclean. He wouldn’t want to touch me, if he knew what I’d done.”

I said, “You didn’t -”

“I know. I know that now. But I’m talking about what I felt at the time. I felt so worthless. Anyway, thank god he stopped asking me what was wrong, and just held me. He told me I was a good girl and a beautiful girl, and nothing can happen that you can’t live through. And then he shut up and held me. I just bawled, big wracking sobs from all the way inside me. I dunno; it may be the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. And I felt my life was over. Hah! I must have made such a mess of his shirt.”

I held her. Maddie made light of it, but talking about it brought some of that pain back.

I said, eventually, “Well, he was right, you know. You are a good girl. And a beautiful girl.” 

But I’m going to have to cut here, though. This has been published and my publishers don’t want free competition from me. You can read it here

3 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Juniper’s Adventures 40

  1. This is so touching and sweet. Good to see how well the headmaster took care of her and sad to know that there are still so many girls who don’t want the cops called because they are ashamed of what some bastard has done to them…

    Rebel xox

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