Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 8

Asuka stood and stretched, catlike, then turned and made to embrace him. But Seamus had decided she wasn’t quite finished. “You can see the kitchen’s a mess, Asuka. That’s your doing. Take your uniform off. And bra. And you might want to put some sandals on, because you’re going to clean up your mess, and some of the shards will be sharp. Make sure you clean up thoroughly. Then you come back here. And bend over again.”

Asuka stared at him. There were tears in her eyes, but they hadn’t spilled. She nodded, then stepped back so he could watch while she pulled her uniform over her head and off, and reached behind her back, staring into his eyes, to undo the catch of her bra and take it off.

Then, naked except for her socks, she went to the door to collect her sandals, and put them on.

She went to the kitchen and took a shovel and broom from the cupboard under the sink. She made a sort of bow to him, head low in shame, then she began to clear up as ordered.

He sat and watched his well-striped girl, though he pretended to read Sei Shonagon while she picked up the pieces of plate and swept the shards and dust onto the shovel. When the kitchen was tidy again, if lacking in dinner plates, she looked at him, questioning.

“That looks … acceptable. Oh, and bring me the peanut oil.” Seamus hadn’t thought to buy proper lubricant. She didn’t need lube when they fucked vaginally. She was a juicy girl, a flowing girl, when her lust was roused. And he’d taken other girls anally before, but he hadn’t expected to include Asuka in their number. Not yet, not without discussing it first. But now that she was being punished, and being given the firm treatment she’d asked him for, it seemed that the time had come. 

Asuka looked puzzled when he mentioned the oil, but she’d plainly accepted that if she was being punished and if her man for some reason wanted to baste her in peanut oil, then that was what would be. She wouldn’t question him.

She lifted the little ceramic bottle from the cupboard, and came back to Seamus, holding the oil in both hands in front of her breasts.  

He took it from her gravely. 

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