Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 20

Seamus had told Yua to get up, now her caning was done. Yua stayed bent over the chair, staring up at him. He walked back to her, cane still in his hand, and smacked her bottom again. “Up, girl.”

She did not get up. She moved, slowly, voluptuously, from side to side after he’d smacked her striped bottom.

He wasn’t immune to her display, though he knew he wasn’t the only audience she was playing for.

He’d told the class to keep their eyes on their books, but he doubted if there were not a boy, or girl, in the classroom who wasn’t watching, though their heads were bent studiously down. Yua said, “I can’t get up, Sensei. I hurt too much. Could you help me?”

He said, in warning, “Yua.” But he reached down to take her by the shoulder. She grabbed his hand in both of hers, and pulled it to her face. Her mouth opened and she took his thumb, sucking, then running her tongue slowly from the tip to the flesh of his hand. He smiled, realising he had been trapped.

That action, with her mouth on his thumb, had made him a promise. A promise of great promise. There was no doubt that she would suck his cock with great enthusiasm and skill. Of course he wanted that, and at the same time he wanted her not to have whatever she wanted. Including him.

He withdrew his thumb, now wet, and pulled her up, stopping her from pressing her body against his once she was upright. 

“Stand in the corner, Yua. Hands on head, until this class is over. It seems you need another lesson.”

“Hai, sensei.” Another lesson was fine with her. She walked, skirt swishing, to the corner, and took up her position, nose in the corner. 

He hadn’t asked her to, but she lifted her skirt, to display her pantied bottom, stripes emerging from both sides of her panties. She was enacting The Schoolgirl in Disgrace.

 She was a poor English student, but she could supplement her inadequacy at that language with other kinds of communication. Snd, he knew, she usually got what she wanted.

Still, Seamus switched his attention away from her and her challenges with something like relief. He called on one of the brighter boys to explain the passage he’d just read.The boy said, “Hai, sensei. The passage I read … It was on page 148… Ah,” Seamus realised the boy hadn’t read it, and that he was embarrassed by his own reaction to Yua’s display.

Seamus stared at him, giving him long enough to wonder if he was next to go over that chair. At last he said, “Pay attention, from now on. That was a warning.” The boy swallowed, and nodded.

He heard an amused sound from Yua, behind him. He ignored it.

15 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 20

    • The amused sound that Yua makes is because:

      1. She’s amused that the boy was too turned on watching her to concentrate on his work; and

      2. She’s winding up her teacher, Seamus, by making it clear that she’s still there, behind him, and she’s not remotely sorry.

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