Wicked Wednesday: Holding the slipper in her mouth

I pretended to be all business, though Jennifer knew I liked what I saw.

“Bra next, Jennifer. Then panties. Oh, and I meant ‘everything’. Take that wristwatch off too. Do you have earrings?”

Earrings, tattoos and piercings were all forbidden under the school rules, even before my arrival. But there were always girls who disobeyed the rules. “No, sir!”

“Have you had your ears pierced?”

“No, sir.”

“Good girl.” If she became mine, and she was still mine when she was twenty-one, there was one piercing I might insist on, but that would not be on her head. “Well, bra, panties, wristwatch. Proceed.”

I watched Maddie gazing at Jennifer while she stripped. Jennifer hung her bra and panties on the rack, her bottom – still a dark red color – twitching adorably during that process. Then she walked back towards me and placed her wristwatch at the end of my desk. She put her hands at her sides. “Now, Jennifer. You know where the slipper is. Go and fetch it.”

“Yes, sir.” Maddie’s eyes widened when Jennifer dropped to her hands and knees and crawled, her darkly, redly smudged bottom waggling as she made her way to the cupboard. Maddie mouthed the word, “How?” at me, in amazement. Jennifer reached the cupboard, placed the slipper in her mouth, and crawled back. She was smiling again. She wasn’t humiliated at all, this time. She was proud of knowing what to do, and of shocking Maddie.

She sidled back to me, holding the slipper until I took it from her mouth. We exchanged smiles. I blew a little airkiss down at her, and she giggled again.

“All right, Jennifer. Go to the front of my desk and stand up. Now, step forward till your thighs are touching my desk.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s right, that’s good. Now spread your legs. Feet about a meter apart.” Her body seemed to sink a little, relative to the table’s edge, as she obeyed.


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