Wicked Wednesday: Her daughter’s punishment 2

Claire had just agreed that her daughter, Tara, would be caned in front of the school, probably naked. Her consent wasn’t actually necessary, since it was a school matter, but it was good to have it. 

I said, “I’m glad I’ve got your support. This hasn’t happened in this school before. Well, I’m sure it has, but not while I’ve been here. But it has at other schools I’ve taught in. And parental support does help to get the best outcome for the student concerned. You won’t be allowed in the assembly…”

“Thank god. I’d have to watch her take her caning if I was allowed in, but I’m glad I don’t have to.”

“You can wait in my office while Tara is punished. Afterwards she’ll put the robe back on and we’ll take her straight to you. Her clothes will be here too, so you can help her dress. She’ll have the rest of the day off.”

“Thank you.”

“I think it’ll be a time when she really needs her mother’s support and love.”

She smiled a little sadly. “I love the poor girl. But she hasn’t thought she needs anything from me for some time.”

“She will need you then, and she’ll know it. If you think you need another day with Tara, to re-establish the connection between you, take it. But I expect her back after two days. She should return to ordinary, everyday life as quickly as possible.”

Claire un-crossed her legs and crossed them the other way. “Thank you, sir.”

Then she noticed she’d called me ‘sir’, and looked briefly flustered. “I shouldn’t say this, considering my daughter is about to undergo an ordeal, at least from her point of view. But this is all a great weight off my mind.”

I said, “I’m sorry, Mrs O’Donnell, but I do need to know a little more about what happened and why. When did Tara start acting out?”

“It was after my husband left. That was two years ago. Tara was upset at the time, and then she started to accept it. Or I thought that she had. But now she thinks it’s my fault  that she doesn’t have a father.”

“Doesn’t he visit? Or have her to visit him?”

“He’s gone. He just disappeared one day, as far as I know. I had no warning, and no new address. And he stopped sending money. I don’t know what I did to make him leave me. I don’t know how I fucked it all up.” Now she was crying again. As she shook, the crying became wilder. She was sobbing, distraught. “Fucked it up for me. And … for Tara.”

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