Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 22

Yvain bent over the bed and tried to relax her rectal muscles as her new servant, Gizela, had advised.She knew how to clench, but she wasn’t sure she knew how to relax those muscles. She’d never thought of trying before. 

She decided to not clench and send a wave of thoughts about relaxation to that part of her body. She had no idea whether it worked or not. But Gizela said, “Good, mistress!,” so perhaps it had. Her servant put her forefinger inside her hole. Yvain managed to stop herself from tightening to repel that invasion.

She felt the woman’s finger enter her, easily, past the second knuckle and then all the way in. Gizela’s finger felt strange, but not, she had to admit, unpleasant. She could feel in herself the familiar quickening in her pulse, that strange sensation of yearning, a kind of emptiness, in her cunt and she knew she was blushing, not just her face but lower, her collarbones and the upper slopes of her breasts.

Gizela withdrew that finger at last, and Yvain took a sharp breath. That finger had made itself welcome, and now she missed it. “If you were anyone else, mistress, I would smack your bottom now. Just out of fondness, and because you look so adorable. Doesn’t she, Master?”

The Seigneur had been watching the two of them, and his cock made it clear what he thought, or at least felt. He smiled at Yvain. “I’m just a bit thicker than Gizela’s finger, but the principle is the same. Gizela, little slave, I think it’s time you assumed the position. Yvain, you’re to watch carefully.”

Gizela said, “Of course, Master,” and and bent over the bed, feet wide apart on the floor, knees bent, her hands holding her buttocks  slightly parted. 

Yvain smiled. Gizela was so charming, and she liked her role so much.

She knew she had a lot to learn from Gizela about that too, as well as about practical things like taking her Seigneur’s cock in her bottom. Then the thought of her own bottom reminded her suddenly of the cane, not far out of reach, and she remembered to say, “Yes, my Seigneur.”

She supposed her body would remind her, from now on, when she was forgetting a courtesy to her Seigneur, or considering disobedience. That twinge from the flesh of her bottom, reminding her of the the strap and the cane and her Seigneur’s hard hand, would come and warn her of inevitable consequences. She wondered if this was what being trained meant. Anyway, she was learning not just with her mind but with her body.

It occurred to her to wonder what she was being trained to be. Would she be a slave like Gizela? Or something else? Somehow she had faith that her Seigneur would make sure she liked the answer.

The Seigneur, meanwhile, had arisen from the bed. He stood with his feet between Gizela’s, looking down at the girl, posed, poised and open for him. He smiled at Yvain. “This will be you, very soon. Exactly this position, little one. Will you be able to do that for me?”

“Of course, my Seigneur!” Yvain smiled at the absurdity of the question. There was nothing difficult about the position. And while she might once have thought it humiliating, somehow she had forgotten that. Shyness was gone.

The Seigneur smiled down at her. “Of course you can.” Then he turned his attention to Gizela, drawing a sharp gasp from her by stroking her sensitive lips. Then he put his hands on her hips, bent his knees a little so the head of his cock was poised in the air, almost touching Gizela’s little hole.

He said, “You have a duty to take care of your servants, as I do, Yvain. You will make it easier for little Gizela if you take that bottle and coat my cock now.”

“Yes, my Seigneur. But she is lubed for you, is she not?”

He laughed. “Of course. But you use as much lube as you think you’ll need. And then you add more so that you’re certain it’s too much. And then you add more. Understand? And were you given an order?”

Yvain felt her cheeks suddenly chill. “Yes, my Seigneur.” She reached for the jar and took a large dollop in her fingers and then stroked her Seigneur’s cock. It leaped under her touch, like a trout, she thought. She added more. He was so powerful, and yet so sensitive just then and so much in her control. 

“Good girl. Now watch, Yvain.” The Seigneur reached down and placed his cock so the head was touching Gizela’s little hole. He paused, two women holding their breaths.

4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 22

  1. Delicious seems to be the word of the day.
    How sweet to take a nice tight ass and open it to a master’s pleasure?
    How nearly devine to own a sweet rounded ass, to fondle, spank, or fuck as the need or desire arises?
    Beautiful writing eliciting deviant thoughts.

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