Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 21

Yvain watched Gizela, her body pale except for the stark reddish-purple of her spanked bottom and thighs, fumble in a drawer in the chest in the corner.

The woman bent over more than she needed to to reach in the drawer, stealing a glance back to check if Yvain and the Seigneur were watching.

She returned, carrying a small glass bottle of some clear fluid, or gel. She gave the bottle to  Yvain. “Mistress, you open this, and I suggest you dip a finger in, to feel its consistency.” To the Seigneur she said, “Master, you’re going to begin in me, while I teach my mistress, and then you’ll finish in her?”

“You are right, little slave.”

“Oh! I hadn’t expected that status!” Gizela seemed proud, genuinely pleased and honoured. Yvain guessed the word must have a different meaning, inside the castle. “My master’s cock is about to take two girls, one of them a virgin. I suspect it feels very lucky.” And, Yvain noticed, that cock was getting fatter and longer, even as Gizela spoke of it. “May I kiss your lucky cock, Master?”

The Seigneur frowned, though he was not displeased. “Just a kiss, little minx. If you try to suck me I’ll cane you.”

Gizela bent forward over the bed, again with more than a trace of theatre, and kissed her master’s cock, with every sign of fondness. It stiffened under her mouth, and the Seigneur could not hold back a brief grunt of pleasure when Gizela applied her tongue. Vain averted her eyes then, and dipped her finger in the lubricant. It was an odd consistency, not liquid nor solid either,

When she moved that finger against the next, unlubricated finger, the two layers of skin slid together with incredible ease. Gisela withdrew from the Seigneur’s cock and crawled backwards to Yvain, wiping her mouth with her knuckles. Yvain glanced at her Seigneur’s cock, now fully erect, and for some reason she found herself blushing.

Gisela took the bottle from her. “All right, my lovely mistress, first I’m going to lubricate my own arse. You’ll be expected to do that in future, whenever you suspect your Seigneur will want to take you that way. It’s always his choice after he’s punished you, for example, so when you present yourself to be whipped, you should be ready to take his cock the second he puts down the whip. Or the cane or the crop or strap or paddle or birch. Mistress?”

“Yes, I understand. I will be in position for him, and he will want to fuck me in a way that emphasises that I’m serving his pleasure, and that my pleasure is unimportant?” 

The Seigneur heard the uncertainty in those last words, and said, “Always my clever girl! Yes, that’s the way we claim it is. In reality I think you’ll find a lot of pleasure in having your arse filled and fucked, once I’ve warmed you up.” 

Yvain smiled. “It is my duty to believe everything you tell me. But also, I believe you.”

The Seigneur smiled at her, but looked at the cane. “Borderline insolence, Yvain. Don’t forget you have twelve strokes coming to you. You just made them a little harder.” 

“I’m sorry, my Seigneur. But I do believe you. I will enjoy,” – she said the next words clearly, because she had never spoken this way before, and she wanted to remember it – “having your beautiful cock in my arsehole, fucking me as hard as you want, after you’ve flogged me. I know I will.” 

The Seigneur leaned forward and kissed her mouth, his arms round her. She opened her mouth to take and return his kiss, stroking his back, feeling his spine under her fingertips. She sighed. This man had been cruel to her, had used her, and had promised to do worse. And she was in love with him. She smiled under his kiss. He broke off to look in her face. Yes, she realised, he loved her too, or he was coming to. She said, “My cruel Seigneur. I will love whatever you do.” 

“And I you, little Yvain. We have things to talk about. But that’s about the future. Right now I want you to pay attention to Gizela’s instruction.”

Gizela bent herself over the bed, legs wide apart so Yvain could watch. She dipped her finger in the lubricant, turning the bottle to ensure she got a good coating, and then slid that finger into her little hole.

“You must do this first. Your finger is nowhere near as thick as his cock, so you have to work the lubricant well inside. Make sure you coat the outer two inches of your hole.” She reached for the bottle, and took more. “You can’t use too much. I mean, the more the better. Use more lubricant than you think you’ll need, then more still, and then more, and then you’ll be about right. It’s your duty to make sure you’re well lubed. He likes to hurt you with his hand, or whatever’s in his hand. Not with his cock.”

Yvain watched Gisela apply about six coats of the lube into her hole, her forefinger going in to the second knuckle, and turning once it was inside. At last she said, “I think you can fuck me in perfect comfort, master.” Her tone was impudent. Clearly, spankings did not hold her back for long.

Then she turned to Yvain. “Usually you’ll be expected to do this for yourself. Though you can order me to do it for you, when there’s enough time. But this time I’ll do you. I’d like to be sure you’ll enjoy your first time without problems. Now bend over, mistress, and relax your rectal muscles. Well, relax all your muscles.” 

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