Vampire girl #30

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I‘ve never been very interested in bondage for its own sake. Many people like it, as an artform. I just use bondage to take away the choice of moving, and to let the submissive feel that she’s helpless. My interest is in the bonds being effective and feeling ruthless. 

Before this night with Diane it was mostly a kind of play-acting when I tied a submissive. I’d used bondage mostly as a kind of play-acting. I might let her wait and enjoy the sense of being held in place, no matter how she struggled, but mostly I had an agenda – discipline, or fucking, or both. The ties I used generally let her struggle and writhe about, enjoying the sense of being held implacably, and feeling herself to be a poor helpless little thing. But in most cases the bonds weren’t really necessary. The submissive would have been able to hold herself still and stay presented even if I hadn’t tied her.

So bondage allowed submissives I played with, or lived with, the benefit of not having to stay obedient during discipline, while pretending that if she as to be tied then the discipline must be terribly fierce and severe.

But Diane was likely to go through pain that was a notch or two harder than I’d delivered before. This really would be severe. I’d chosen the birch because it seemed the instrument most likely to cut her skin and draw some blood without my having to flail away like I was threshing corn. I could be moderate and still give her some cuts and abrasions, and a bit of red trickle to admire in the mirror. Even so, people who’d been birched had mixed feelings about whether they’d enjoyed it, but no-one seemed to be in any doubt that it had hurt.

So I tied Diane with unusual care, fixing her wrists and ankles, and adding a few loops round her knees to keep them well spread. When I’d finished she was trussed, certainly unable to move from her position on the centre of the table.

Diane cooperated in being tied, obeying when I told her to move, but she had no difficulty staying silent.

I said, “I’m going to birch you.”

Diane nodded, then said, “Yes, Sir.”  

“I’m going to draw blood, little vampire girl. And then I’m going to continue. Are you ready for that?”

Another nod. Then she remembered and said, “Yes, Sir.” Her throat was dry.


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