The Yellow Room – 2

This is a section from a Victorian porn novel. 

The lovely Alice is being birched by her Uncle, while her cousin Maude counts the strokes and strokes her uncle’s cock. Uncle, being a wicked Uncle (TM), spends some time birching Alice’s cunt. Now read on… 

The Yellow Room

After several of these strokes had been given, her uncle asking her whether he was a wretch and a monster, as she had called him last night, she replied with vehement denials.

“No! oh no! oh! oh! oh! oh no! Not a monster! Not a wretch! My own dear uncle, whom I love! Oh! oh! oh! My bottom burns! Oh! oh! It is on fire!”

“Will you be a good obedient girl, miss?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh, indeed…”

“And thank me for whipping you?”

“Yes, indeed I do.”

“Whip well in, uncle,” said Maud quietly, in her rich voice.

And he did so. Alice shrieked, and fainted. 

Maud, beside herself, threw herself backwards on the long and broad divan – her breasts exposed, her legs (without drawers) wide extended.

Sir Edward, throwing down the birch, flung himself upon her with fury. He inserted his enormous affair into her burning cunt, and he fucked her so violently she almost fainted from delight.

When Alice came round and Sir Edward had risen from Maud’s bosom, Maud,  said, in clear tones, “Uncle, I told Alice yesterday morning, when she kept me so long before I could succeed in tying her down, that I would take care that it secured her an extra half-dozen.” 

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