The inter-gracile sub-pudendal fossa: why is thigh gap “sub-pudendal”?

“Inter-gracile” tells you, if you’re in an anatomical mood, that the “thigh gap” is between the inner thigh muscles, or gracilis muscles. “Sub-pudent\dal” tells you that the thigh gap is at the top of the thighs, just below the cunt. 

thigh gaps“Sub-pubic” was another option that I considered instead of “sub-pudendal”. There are issues with the word “pudendal”, that I’ll post about later. But “pudendal” refers to the external genitalia, the lips of the cunt, while “pubic” includes the interior of the cunt as well.

So when we’ve said this thing we’re talking about is “inter-gracile” and “sub-pudendal”, we know it’s the area just above the handle-bars.


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