More about the inter-gracile sub-pudendal fossa

I should explain the name. I’ll start with “inter-gracile”. 

MT.AP.Muscles.GracilisThe gracilis muscles are thigh muscles: more slender and, well, graceful, than the adductor muscles, which give strength and tone to the thighs.

The gracilis muscle is on the inner thigh. It shapes the curves of the inner thigh. They also do most of the work in opening and closing the thighs, which is why (because the gracilis muscles are weaker than the adductor muscles) a movement like opening your thighs is nowhere near as strong as the movements involved in running, say, or stamping.

So “inter-gracile” simply means it’s between the gracile muscles.

I could have said “inter-crural”, which means “between the thighs”. But I I like that gap. If I can compliment it with a word like “gracile”, then I will.

Here’s another picture of the gracilis muscles doing their fine work at the top of the thighs. 


More to come.

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