Skinful Sundae and Early Minimalism: One stroke

Time passed. The wooden tabletop was warmer under her body. Her wrists and ankles were still cuffed and tied to the table. She was helpless. In every sense at his mercy. His … woman who had a master. As much his property as the table he’d tied her to. That felt strong. It felt right. 

Time passed, long and longing. At some time she became aware of him behind her, though he’d moved quietly and he said nothing. 



Then she felt his finger, just inside her cunt. She gasped at the surprise and pleasure of it. He stroked along her left side, just inside. Then his finger was gone. Her cunt, her whole body, screamed silently for more. At least another stroke along her right labium, so she had balance. It was only fair. To both labia. To her. God, one more touch. 

Please … 

Shhh. Later.

He was gone.

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15 thoughts on “Skinful Sundae and Early Minimalism: One stroke

    • Oh, I’m sure that more will come. Next week is minimalism week, though. But the poor girl will eventually be released. (She might even get untied.)

    • Thank you!
      I had’t thought about this from Arethusa’s point of view before I started writing this. I mean I did at the time, but not as closely as I/m thinking about it now.
      Poor girl, I think. And I feel like a right bastard!

  1. Thank you! (I guess. That grrrr was pretty scary. 🙂 )

    But a bit of teasing helps build the tension, and embiggens the climax. So bear with me. Poor Arethusa will get off. In time.

    • Minx!

      (But all right, I was teasing Arethusa, and using the minimalism theme coming up as a way of teasing the readers. So it’s a fair cop. Though society is to blame.)

    • I have to plead guilty on two counts of teasing. One for poor Arethusa, and open for the readers.

      But I’m glad you liked it.

      Thank you!

  2. I’d always prided myself in being fair, as a master. Seemed essential to being trusted, and so on.

    Arethusa knew that, and she liked it when I was unfair, at least about frivolous things. Because that meant I was going into new territory too, and only because of her. It reduced her feeling that she could predict or control events. And being “wicked” by being mildly unfair just made me incredibly happy. Go figure.

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