Sinful Sunday: Winning by losing


The wave had nearly crashed and toppled, carrying her with it in a swirling fall of white foam. She opened her mouth and yowled in celebration and terror. She was going to come, and it was too big, and she was too high to fall. 

Her Master’s voice. Far away at first, then shockingly close. “Time’s up! Stop!” 

She said, “Ooohhh.” The effort to control herself, to stop that orgasm in its tracks – she couldn’t have managed that, once. But she fought for and won control. For her Master. 

Her Master picked up the hairbrush. I’ll give you two minutes, then you can try again, darling. But … the next two minutes are going to hurt you.” She felt him press the hairbrush against her left cheek. So flat it was, and so hard. 

She braced herself.

16 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Winning by losing

    • Thank you!
      Orgasm denial is fun! Well, for the dom, anyway. But I like the sight and sound of female orgasm too much to do denial for long at a time.

    • Yrs, it’s odd that people think the hairbrush is a relatively mild implement. If (I think) a submissive wants to cry, the hairbrush is just about the fastest road to tears that I know of.

      But as for her delayed orgasm, all good things come to an end.

    • Actually, it was a bamboo wood hairbrush, to tell the truth. And I think it was the very next time I used it, it split apart on her arse. She was so proud of herself.

      Thank you!

    • Well, a little suspense is good for the soul! (Probably. Maybe.)

      Anyway, she does get there in the end. (After getting it on the end.)

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