Smutathon: for Rape Crisis Centres and the anti-censorship fightback!

The author, preparing for his twelve hour writing ordeal. Smut!

Smutathon is tomorrow!

It’s to raise money for two damn fine charities: Rape Crisis, and Backlash, which provides legal assistance for people being monitored under there UK’s demented censorship laws. 

As a non-Brit I’m supporting Backlash because the UK censorship laws are a thinly veiled pre-text for the government to filter their citizen’s access to the internet. That doesn’t just affect the UK (where about half this blog’s readership comes from) It affects all of us, as our governments will be watching the UK experiment. If they get away with it, then other governments will end internet freedom as well. 

So, as my contribution, I’m going to write for 12 hours on Saturday, pumping out as much sexual material as I can, of the kind many governments won’t like. =

What I’d like you lovely, lively people to do, please is go here, and support Smutathon, with your donation.

Do it now! For freedom! And for, you know, erotic Art. 


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