Sinful Sunday: Settling in for the long haul

We’re settling in for a long, disciplinary session, Arethusa and I. This is a later view of the scene introduced here

She’d been late with a university essay, and it was the third time. I’d finished up helping her to write the thing. But I was sick of past-the-last-second panics, where it took serious intervention from me to get anything handed in at all. So I decided it was also necessary to take severer measures. So I’d told her what to expect, and to be waiting, naked and bent over my table until I got home. 

Once I arrived I fixed her cuffs to the table, and after that it was simply her job to endure. We started with the lighter cane, and at the time this shot was taken there was still the tawse, the birch and the heavier cane to go.

And then, before uncuffing her, there would be the fuck that tells her she’s a good girl again, and that her Master can’t keep his hands off her or his cock out of her. Not for long. 

But the whole process, from discipline to expiation in sex, took nearly three hours.

Note the cushion she’s bent over, and the box of tissues. That’s one of the ironies about punishing a girl you love. You want to be considerate. 



29 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Settling in for the long haul

    • Ah, it was. And I was absolutely serious about making it a deterrent.

      The problem was that it was too satisfying, for both parties.

      As doms and masters eventually learn, nothing that ends in an orgasm has much deterrent effect.

  1. Oh my. Now you’ve got me wondering if my students have the same punishments meted out to them at home when they are late with essays. Not I hasten to add (from a professional point of view) by me…

    • Only the submissive girls and lads, and even then conditions apply.

      But if you have a student wearing a collar, discreet or otherwise, and they had an essay late, and they’re having trouble sitting still, then it’s possible…

    • It was a long, beautiful event.

      The consideration is a funny thing, and lots of doms feel the same way, I think. You can be brutal and soft-hearted at the same time.

    • If punishment doesn’t wipe the slate, it’s not being done right. It has to be followed with love and forgiveness.

      Them’s the rules.

    • Yes. It was meant as discipline and not just play.

      So there was more pain than usual. And it was important that all the way through she knew she was loved, and valued, even if she’d done wrong. So the pillow and the tissues were symbols of that.

      Her wrists were cuffed, so the person dabbing her eyes, and holding a handful of tissues so she could blow her nose was me.

    • The fucking afterwards. Though it never really divided into a during and an afterwards. It was meant as punishment, but it was all sex, all the way.

    • It’s a pretty minor concession to make to the comfort of someone getting a long, slow whipping. But it helped set the emotional level, and that was the important thing.

    • I pretty quickly learned that it had very little deterrent effect, apart from the stuff about being disappointed, etc.

      I’ve never thought setting and checking lines was much fun, but I added that, next time.

    • Absolutely you should encourage your partner to be stricter with you!

      Though it turned out to be less effective, on its own, than I’d hoped.

  2. … as any good dom should be. If I were with a dom who *weren’t* considerate of my needs when they were punishing me, I wouldn’t play with them again! Glad you had fun and everyone was comfortable. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say she was “comfortable” every second of the event.

      But the emotional setting was on comfort. Which I think is what matters.

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