Sinful Sunday: Possession


When she said she was mine: property. Possession.  When we could feel it, when we took the time to focus on her new status, and mine. When we knew it in our hearts, minds, genitals, and our skin.

When life gives you something wonderful it can take time to know it. And only touch, soft and then hard, can really tell you.

Touch these lips for more Sinful Sunday submissions.

Touch these lips for more Sinful Sunday submissions.


17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Possession

  1. Yes – it sometimes takes time to see the importance of and deeply get to know the people in our lives – but so worth it! Also, is that an actual hand print?!

    • It does look like a hand print, but actually I’d given a spanking to her lower bottom, where there’s a general blush, most off it not visible in this photo.

      But the lines that look like finger prints are actually cane strokes. I was caning down her body shortly before I took this.

      But there is satisfaction and mutual knowledge there, absolutely.

      Thank you!

  2. I’m curious about the mark(s) too. Am I seeing welts from a cane?

    I know it’s all about the image, but your warm words provide the frame. In that context, I see in the “body language” of your hand a possessiveness that is not jealous but confident and relaxed. This looks to me like utter contentment, hers and yours. Yummy and sweet 🙂

    • Very content it was.

      And you’re right. Those are cane marks, but vertical down her body. It’s possible work out the alignment of our bodies at the time I decided to encourage her.

      But this was a resting period.

      Thank you!

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