Sinful Sunday: It’s corner time!

Corner time is a good time. For reflection on misdeeds (and schoolwork not done), and consideration of what Master will do about it. There’s a tawse in her near future, and she knows it. But there’s always comforting afterwards, so that’s not so bad. 

It’s also not a bad time for Masters. Arethusa looks so sweetly obedient. And a Master can always walk past while she’s waiting, and check out her arse. Are Masters sleazebags? Well, sometimes, when we’re lucky, and we’ve been good, we get to be.

8 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: It’s corner time!

    • Oh, a slavegirl needs a bit of suspense in her life, I think.

      (As opposed to suspension, but I’ve never done much of that.)

      But also, there’s greed and need, on both sides, and that does tend to cut the waiting period down a bit. Or a lot.

    • I like them. They’ve got a certain cultural … heft to them. They bring their own atmosphere.

      The women receiving it seem to have liked it, too. It’s a severe implement, probably about level with the cane but not as painful as a wooden paddle. It’s definitely stimulating. Obviously, that’s a self-selecting sample of women who enjoy a certain amount of pain.

      (They’re hard to use gently, though. If you use a tawse you’ve committed yourself to a certain amount of severity.)

      Still, I’d give a positive review.

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