Sinful Sunday: First strike


She’d failed to get university assignments in before. But that stripe was the first she’d ever had in her life. It was the first time she’d ever felt the cane.

I’d warned her that I’d cane her if she didn’t get the work done and handed in. But it turned out that the warning wasn’t enough.

She knew there were 11 strokes to go, and that she deserved each and every one of them. But with that first strike, and that first stripe, her life changed. 


I haven’t written about this woman often, but her name, for blog purposes, is Arethusa. That really is her first ever cane stripe, and that’s the reason she got it, even though it sounds like a cliché. Her motivation went right up.

In the short term, anyway. She started liking the cane, or at least she liked being-a-girl-who-gets-the-cane because her Master cares, and she liked just-having-been-caned so the slate is clean, and it’s sexy. So it stopped having the same behaviour-modifying effect. Oh well. I helped in other ways. 

Anyway, the photo. I took several shots of this moment, because she’d want a record, but I like this one best. She stayed in position, so this is just a few seconds after the stroke. I suppose it’s the way her lovely bottom rises, freshly decorated, with the promise of more: including a change in our relationship.

It represents a new dawn. 

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19 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: First strike

    • Thank you!

      I feel that there’s something like dawn in this photo. Not just in the psychological moment between dom and submissive, but also in the colors.

      I know where the sun glows.

  1. I am not keen on the cane but I do like other impact play and I can definitely identify with the ‘wiping the slate clean’ aspect of the punishment that really suits my mindset


    • Thank you!

      I think that, in general, there’s something hot about the space between being a bit scared of something but knowing that it’ll happen anyway. Safe words and limits applying.

      And the cane isn’t just a deliverer of pain (and beautiful straight lines across curved skin), it has a huge symbolic weight.

      Produce a cane and say bend over the table, and the scenario has a huge backstory, even to someone who’s never been caned before. It’s got a sort of legend of ultimate deterrence. Not that it necessarily hurts more than a paddle; it’s just its reputation.

      It definitely “wipes the slate clean”. And changes the emotion, from anger (not quite the word, but it’ll have to do) on the dom’s part, and from defiance or sorrow on the submissive’s part to caring. On both sides.

    • A dom never strikes too soft or too hard. It is _always_ just right, said Gandalf.

      But I was so proud of that stripe. So was she when I showed her the photo, and again when she looked at the complete set in the mirror afterwards.

      Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment!

      Joshua Reynolds wrote a book about beauty. He eventually reasoned that it has something to do with the interaction of an elegant curve and a straight line.

      I don’t know that that applies in all art, but when it comes to the art of discipline he was dead right.

    • Thank you!
      One thing that helped make the photo so clear and so pretty, is that this wasn’t delivered for her pleasure. It was punishment. That’s why there’s no sign of a warm-up, and you get the stripe across unmarked skin.

      I like the color contrast.

      But, despite the cane’s scary reputation, it can be delivered in a way that’s sexy rather than scary. With warm-up, caresses, compliments and kisses, and not too much force. A little bit more force later, but staying at the submissive’s pace.

      Keep on being angelic and rebellious, and I’m sure …

      Well, anyway, thank you!

    • Thank you!
      As for terror of the cane, I know it’s all very well for a dom to say this, since I’m never going to be at the receiving end, but its reputation is somewhat more fearsome than the reality.

      At least if the dom is taking care. With a slow warm-up using hand-on-skin and the more familiar instruments, and keeping the intensity of the cane low, at first, when the switch from palm or paddle to cane is made, being caned can be quite pleasant, in a floaty way. And it goes all the way up to screamingly sexy, for submissives who like impact play at all.

      The stripe in the picture above is unusual, because it was the first, and it’s a punishment stroke, so there was no warm-up and it was a firm to medium hard stroke. So it’s not the stroke you’d deliver first if you were wanting to demonstrate that the cane is good, sexy fun. What I wanted to demonstrate was, “You want to graduate! So from now on do your assignments on time, or you’ll have to do them standing up.”

      But even then, as I said, she finished up liking the fact that she was a girl who got the cane, if not exactly loving each instant of impact.

      The point is, based on observation rather than personal experience, I’d say the cane probably is worth exploring some time, with someone you really trust and who is very aware that you find the idea scary. They have to get the set, the setting and the emotional flow just right, and take care of you. Lust should do the rest.

    • Thank you!

      It was such a perfect moment, and I was lucky in so many ways. Including the way the contrast between the pale, though sunlit, skin and the straight red line came out so beautifully. Just right for signalling the beginning of several new things.

      (I’m not a great or even good photographer; I’m just sometimes lucky.)

      Time, that thief, can’t have that one back.

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    • Thank you very much!
      It’s odd, the intimacy between dominant, or in that relationship, master, and submissive. She could have told me everything that I felt and thought. And she’d have been exactly right.

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