Sinful Sunday: Don’t move till I’ve finished with you

No, girl, don’t you even think about getting up. 

There’s more? We’re not finished? 

Girl, I’ve hardly started.  


I want that ass nice and hot before I fuck you. 

Red hot?

Exactly. Blazing red, little girl. Like a firetruck, only fuckable. Now: get up on tiptoes. Good girl. And keep still. 

Even if it hurts? 

Of course it’ll hurt. And you’ll stay in place until I put the paddle down. Just do as you’re told, and you’ll be fine. 

Ummm, well..? Yes, sir.

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26 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Don’t move till I’ve finished with you

  1. For some reason, the two bright red spots on her bottom made me think of Santa in ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – her cheeks are like roses. ^^ I love the contrast of that color against both the dark bedspread and the bright white towel.

    • You’re right! It does look Christmassy!
      (Certainly all my Christmases.)
      The song I was getting was, “Everything’s coming up roses”, so I should probably be ashamed of myself.

    • Red hot even when in pristine condition, that ass.

      The standing on tip toes thing is interesting. It’s sexy because it emphasises the extent to which discipline is an _aesthetic_ process.

      It tells the submissive that she is not only about to be hurt for her dom’s pleasure, but she has to hold her body in a certain way for his aesthetic pleasure while the discipline continues. And she knows he’s not in a mood to accept disobedience.

      And it tells her that he’s paying close attention to every detail of her performance under discipline.

      So it’s a tiny thing, but it does a lot to build up the emotional and sexual intensity of the session.

    • Thank you!

      It’s one of my very favourite pics. The background uncluttered, the towel elegantly placed, and the girl almost prim, and at the same time wanton.

      Glad you found it inviting!

      • You could confirm it with a mirror, if you doubted me. Still, your fast recovery just means I have to spank harder, and more often, to keep you warm and bright.

        I think I can manage.

        • I don’t doubt you. I just have no point of reference and thus no independent opinion, but am very content to rely on your judgment. On this and other things.

          I hope I can keep up with your managing.

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