Sinful Sunday: Cuffs keep you warm


When a girl isn’t going anywhere, for a while, she needs cuffs to keep her warm. 

These are official police cuffs, that a Domme from an Aussie cop. She later gave them to me, which was a nice present.  

They are cold and utterly inflexible, in feel. They say, “you are held”, in the plainest language possible. The warmth is in the our hearts, and in my hands. 


6 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Cuffs keep you warm

  1. I’ve never actually been arrested. Which, when I think about my adventures as a youngish man, is kind of weird. Boringly law-abiding, these days.

    But I don’t think cops use these any more.

    So they’re essentially sex toys, with a particularly inflexible and unforgiving kind of atmosphere. Which can be just what a submissive is in the mood for. Not all the time, but it’s just right in the right times.

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