Sinful Sunday: A Hard Lesson

About half of Arethusa’s canings were punishment canings, while the other half were just for the sex of it. Punishment canings tended to be a little bit harder, and I was usually growly and lecture-y throughout, so she knew she’d been a bad girl. She didn’t like to disappoint her Master, so that made the strokes hurt more.

This one was for being late with a university assignment. That had happened before, and it was time to drive that lesson home. So this was a hard caning, and there were more strokes to come. 

But even punishment resolves into sex, eventually. She was watching me, for most of it in the mirror, and she said she loved the way my cock got harder, just at the moment of delivering each stroke. “Glee!” she said, when it was safe to say things like that. “You love caning me, and … your cock and your face: it’s just glee!”

Arethusa was very seldom wrong. Except about getting her assignments in on time.





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