Silhouette Sunday

Cheating a bit on the silhouette front. But the mix of that sharp outline of Arethusa’s body, and her sweet thighs, is too good to pass up. 

Your humble photographer appears in this one. Because if you’re going to sneak into the women’s changing rooms because you’re buying your slavegirl some lingerie …

Well, you take pictures, and that’s that. 



8 thoughts on “Silhouette Sunday

    • I have, but not that time. The space was very small, there was no aural privacy and Arethusa is noisy.

      Though hearing someone scream, “Master!” orgasmically from the women’s changing rooms might have added a little atmosphere to the lingerie floor.

      Now I’m sorry I didn’t. 🙂

      But we had a hotel bed not far away, and comfort has its appeal too.

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