Sex in the South Seas 8

I was going to apologise, since in my experience erections only work as compliments in established relationships, where people are comfortable with their lovers’ bodies. If you spring it on a woman while she’s still dressed, you shave quite a few percentage points off your chances of getting her undressed.

So I pulled my jeans higher, making my cock disappear again. “Er, um, sorry, that was kind of uncool. Though, well, you’re hot. It’s kind of … unavoidable.”  

Senemelia shook her head in disbelief. I couldn’t tell whether that was because I’d flashed my cock at her, even if accidentally, or because I’d apologised for it. She put her hands on the bottom of her singlet, as though she was about to take it off.

I watched her, especially when the hem lifted off an inch or two of shining, near-black stomach. I took as step closer, to help.

But Senemelia waved at the door I’d closed behind me. “Turn the light out.”

cupped breasts smileIf I’d been surer of my ground I’d have refused, But I still wasn’t sure how many points I’d lost with that premature appearance of my cock. So I turned and pulled at the cord that hung from the ceiling beside the door.

The room went black until my eyes adjusted a few seconds later. We were in twilight, with a street light across the road, and the bright night sky shining on Senemelia’s body. She’d raised her arms and the half-light picked out the white of the tee-shirt, and the glistening white of her teeth and eyes.

The tee-shirt dropped to the ground, and Senemelia stood there in the dark, with her hands cupping her breasts.

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