Roads less travelled: anal hook

Not all the roads I haven’t travelled are roads I’ve considered and rejected. Some roads I just haven’t got around to. For example, I’ve never got around to using an anal hook. 

She has as many choices as she needs.

She has as many choices as she needs.

Anal hooks are interesting because they’ve become part of bdsm, and yet no-one had heard of them until just a few years ago. I suspect they were only invented recently.

People like me – the civilians of bdsm, not the professionals who run dungeons and make films, and such – have got along without them just fine for the last few millennia. 

But there’s something about their ruthlessness and impersonality that appeals to me. A submissive who is keeping her back arched and her ass presented (I’m going to use female gender for this; if your interest is male submissives, then mutatis mutandis) because I’ve put an anal hook in her knows that her ass is going to stay exactly where I want it until I choose otherwise. She knows that her comfort is not an issue, only her enforced good posture.

The symbolism of the anal hook is hard, unrelenting and merciless. And at the same time, she knows that she’s been put in that position because her ass is considered very pleasing indeed. 

So I expect that a submissive held in that way will be uncomfortable, and happy, and wet.  So I’ll probably get one, one day.

2 thoughts on “Roads less travelled: anal hook

    • Thank you! I still haven’t used an anal hook, because I don’t think it’s something you can reasonably spring on a submissive and shout, “surprise!”
      And I’ve spent most of the time since that post with a woman who wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the idea.
      But I’ll report on the outcome when I do try it.
      Thanks for your comment, and please keep reading.

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