Maddie’s virginity: The aftermath

“It’s nice that you’re holding me,” Maddie said. “I appreciate that you do care about me. You sadistic bastard.” I pinched her nipple, hard. “Ow! No, seriously, I do like it that you care about me. May I rub, sir?”

“No. I meant to hurt you. Stay where you are and hurt, Maddie.”I resumed the pressure on her nipple, a little harder.

She nodded. “Thank you, sir. And I do love that you’re cruel, and that you care about me. But I didn’t tell you that story so you’d sympathise with me.”

I let go of her nipple then, getting a gasp of pain from her. Then I rubbed and pressed it soothingly, since someone had to. “It’s a parable?”

“Yes. I don’t mean, watch out or someone will rape Jennifer. I’m not being that exact. It’s just that I think it’d be a pity for you and a tragedy for her if you both missed out on having each other.” She laughed. “Together! For the first time!”

I tweaked that nipple again, in warning, and cupped her breast with my hand. 

“Mmm. But I worry that you and she will miss out on something that would be very special.I don’t know.”

I kissed her. I had nothing to say. But she did need to know she was held, and loved. She relaxed into my arms this time, and there was a moment when it seemed she would roll back, pulling me down on top of her. But she drew her head away, and looked into my eyes. 

“I just want to say there are a whole lot of things that can go wrong in the universe. Jennifer’s eighteen. And she’s very horny. Horny for you, sure, but she’s also just horny in general.”

“What makes you say that? I mean, horny for me, specifically?”

“I watched her leave, the last time you spanked her. She was absolutely … blissed out. I know we’re not the same person, Jennifer and I, but I do know, close enough, what she’s feeling. Because I’ve watched her and heard her, and I’ve been exactly in her place.”

“True enough.”

“I promise you, from experience as well as observation, she wants you to show her how sex works, to make her undress for you so you can hurt her. She wants to be disciplined. It’s sexy and hot, and it makes her feel singled out. It make her know she’s special.”

“Well, she is.”

“So she should be. Sir. She wants you to spank her again, soon. Tomorrow would be good. And she wants the cane. Well, it’s more that she wants to experience the cane. To be a girl under your discipline. And, a little later but not too much later, for you to take her and teach her.”

I said, “So. I want you to make an appointment for Miss Perch to see me after school tomorrow. That should help her to feel singled out. And special.” 

“After school tomorrow, for Jennifer. Spanking or the cane?”

“Don’t know. I’ll ask her teachers how she’s been behaving. That will decide it. Probably a spanking. With a warning that it’s the cane next time.””

“Watch her make sure there’s a next time. And soon. And after that you should definitely fuck her. She’s longing for that to happen. She’s impatient.”

I nodded. I’d felt that too, about Jennifer’s reactions over my knee. “And I should make it happen.”

“Yes. Soon. And you should make sure its special.”

“Um, Maddie. What happened to you, when you knocked on the door? And he let you in and saw you? All messed up, my poor girl?” 

Maddie drew in a breath.


The next episode is here.

5 thoughts on “Maddie’s virginity: The aftermath

  1. Sorry! I often forget the tags at the time, and then add them a bunch at a time. Bad habit, which I’ll have to get out of.

    This story grew, from a fairly simple beginning, and has become a saga.

    It features two schoolgirls, one of them now a school secretary, the other still at school. And two headmasters: no waiting!

    Anyway, the whole saga is named after the other girl, thus: “Jennifer’s pleats and pleas”.

    And all the episodes can be found under that tag. Enjoy!

    • The basic structure is:

      Our narrator, in general, is the headmaster of the school where a girl called Jennifer Perch is a student. Looking back at the whole saga, I see that I never got round to naming him. I hereby pronounce him to be: Inigo Edmundsen!

      Jennifer Perch is a very intelligent, hard-working girl, or young woman somewhere over 18, who was somewhat unpopular for being too academically successful. She responded by sexually acting out and skipping classes.

      Maddie is the school secretary. The head and her are having an affair, with strong bdsm elements. Maddie approves of the headmaster’s interest in Jennifer, and Jennifer’s obvious interest in him. She wants that relatiuonship to go well, and doesn’t see it as threatening her relationship with the headmaster either.

      Maddie has, for the last several episodes, been telling the headmaster a story about her own schooldays. Those days, for her, were about ten years ago, so her story about how she lost her virginity is set in the past. The story is about how her own fierce attraction to her school’s headmaster (who’s never been named either, but will get a name in the next episode), and how her desire that he be her first was trashed when she was, instead, raped by a school bully.

      She told Inigo Edmundsen this story because she wants him to take care of Jennifer, keep her safe and make sure that her dreams and desires are fulfilled.

      So, for the last several episodes we’ve had this flashback to Maddie’s schooldays told by Maddie to her lover and Master, Edmundsen. He, in turn, passes Maddie’s words on to the reader.

      Maddie’s story probably has a couple of episodes left to go, before we return to the saga of Jennifer and her headmaster, Mr Edmundsen.

      The whole story, or two stories, takes place on a planet where the customs, laws and mores, particularly their understanding of ethical issues, are all very, very different from our own.

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