Jaime and the Night Visitor

I don’t know when it was, but I’d been asleep, and then suddenly my eyes were open in pitch darkness and someone’s hand was over my mouth. So I swung my arm out of the covers, fist clenched, the start of a fight reflex, except that I hit female skin. Just under a pleasantly plump breast.

It was Lisa, not wearing red jeans. Or a t-shirt. I didn’t think I’d been especially charming that evening, but I asked no questions. We’d rolled into the bed and under the blankets, and she grappled me while I reached for the bedside table and shook out a condom from my wallet.

When that was sorted, we kissed, trying different angles, until I pushed her down onto her back. She’d opened her legs when she felt my cock touch her, and made a small, encouraging noise in my ear.

Other than that we’d fucked in silence, the cold air pricking our flesh whenever some limb, or buttock, emerged from the blankets.

She’d shuddered several times, silently but powerfully, so I felt I’d done well by her.

Eventually I came in her, holding back my usual uncouth racket, and lay on my side with my arms around the daughter of the house, her ass conveniently placed if I happened to awake more or less recovered. I was fond of Lisa by then. I fell asleep.

Some time in the coldest and darkest time of morning, I was woken by the door’s careful closing. I was alone.

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    • YThank you! I ran out of time to continue the adventures of Yvain and her Seigneur this week.

      She’ll be back next Wednesday, I promise!

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