Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 18

As they lay together on the couch, Asuka had said, “You caned Yua today.”

Seamus wasn’t surprised she’d heard. Asuka and Yua were friends, and anyway news like that always travelled swiftly in a school. He said, “Yes. Her excuses were too dumb. I got tired of them. Anyway, it’s my job to make her learn something.”

“She said you had a stiffy!”

Oh. Then she’d had a personal report. He said, “Well, She’s pretty. I’m human. And male. And heterosexual. It’s only natural. I kept my stiffy to myself though.”

“You rubbed her bottom!”

So he looked at Asuka. The question was accusing, but she didn’t look upset. “Yeah. She hugged me afterwards. It was kind of an automatic reaction. And that rub told me I’d done it right. Her skin was hot, like yours, where I’d caned her.”

“Did you want her? I mean want to fuck her?”

“As an animal? With a female animal enticing him? Yes, of course I did.”

“Oh, sensei.” She was trying to sound reproachful. He suspected he was being teased.

He held her chin, so she had to look at his face. “As a human man, with beautiful, sexy Asuka, I didn’t. While we’re together my cock is yours.”

She smiled, and lent down his body to take her possession in her mouth. So that was settled. He reached down to smack her bottom with his hand while she served him.

She spread her legs and lifted her  little ass to offer a better target. She took him deeper as the smacks fell, with greater enthusiasm.

They got to bed about midnight.

The next week Yua presented him with the double load of homework he’d demanded. He said he’d look at it later, but a cursory glance suggested that it was good. The English wasn’t idiomatic, but at least it was grammatical. Maybe, to get her up to speed, he could give her extra lessons.

Then he shook his head: nothing good could come of that.

5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 18

  1. Oh yes, those two girls talked, and I too like the line: “While we’re together my cock is yours”. I also can’t help to wonder if he will end up giving Yua extra lessons 😉
    ~ Marie

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