If lesbians can’t have sex in the toilets, what is the point?! 1

I was talking to another woman at that party I mentioned. She was the sort of cute lesbian that that they put on television, with an expensive short blonde razor-cut and skinniness worn as a fashion statement. 

lesbian_sex_scene_on_toiletI’ve forgotten how the subject came up – Veuve Clicquot probably had something to do with it, since there was a lot of it about – but she was telling me about being thrown out of a lesbian nightclub for having sex with some girl she’d just met, in the toilet cubicles. She finished by shouting out the title of this very post, waving one charm-braceletted arm in the air.

She was taking the piss out of herself, but she meant it, too.

I mostly agree with anything a pretty woman says under those circumstances. And some stories about things that women I know – bi girls rather than lesbians, mostly – have got up to in lesbian nightclubs would suggest that the club managers don’t usually get all fussy about fucking in the toilet cubicles.

Maybe the pair who got thrown out were just loud. 

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