Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 88: Over the table

I couldn’t have my cock in Raylene the second I finished her caning, if Dorabella turned up. Bellie had volunteered to watch Raylene getting her ass caned. Watching my ass instead, pumping away while I fucked Raylene, was a step or two further along. Neither of us was quite ready for that.

Raylene, little show-off that she was, would probably enjoy having the audience, but her preferences didn’t count. She’d like it even more if I fucked her with Lynette watching as well. But I’d like that even less, and my preferences counted.

Yeah, that transition...

Yeah, that transition…

But if I couldn’t use the bed to give Raylene a seamless, or at least instantaneous, transition from being caned to being fucked, then there was no point in putting her on the bed at all.

It made things more awkward for the witnesses, who’d have to stand close to me to view Raylene, and occasionally duck while I waved the cane about. 

There was a metal and plywood chair. I could make her bend over the back and hold onto the seat. But it would be uncomfortable for her, because there was no support for her body, and anyway I thought that position only looked stylish with a high-backed wooden chair.

Very hot position. Also silly

Very hot position. Also silly

I could turn the chair around, and make Raylene could put her knees on the seat and lean down to rest her hands on the floor.

That would be awkward for Raylene but not the rest of us, and it was a position that certainly displayed her body very fully. Also, the witnesses could watch Raylene’s face as well as her ass, when the cane landed. It would be almost too exhibitionist, which would make it peak sexy.

For everybody, including Raylene.

But it was her first time, and it was a hard position for a girl to hold, even a strong girl like Raylene. She was new to the cane and to discipline generally, and when I applied the strokes that were meant to mark her for days, she’d almost certainly break position and fall on the floor. So, with regret, that was out, too.

There was a desk in front of the window. She would have used it to do homework, and the odd bit of university work before she quit. I took the vase of dead flowers, the bear, the rabbit and the jarful of pens onto the floor and lifted the desk into the centre of the room.

Hands down the best position for a caning noob

Hands down the best position for a caning noob

It was wooden and sturdy, perfect for both strength and style.

I pushed it a little further forward, closer to the wall, so that Raylene could have her head over the edge, looking at the floor while I attended to her ass. Also, I thought itd be good to leave room, if necessary, for Bellie to stand in front of her and keep her shoulders down.

I put the chair where the desk had been. I flipped the duvet into place on the bed, so it’d didn’t look so obviously fucked-in. I picked a couple of condoms off the floor, wrapped them in tissue and dropped them in her bin. We were ready, except that the damn girl hadn’t arrived.

I’d have to get her. I picked up her robe, practiced my “concerned” look, in case she’d been bailed up by Christians and I needed to rescue her, and tucked my shirt in. I should have shaved. Too bad. 

I set forth to find my girl.

3 thoughts on “Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 88: Over the table

  1. Well, you get support from a table, and relative comfort, except for your butt of course. If it’s a sturdy table, and it should be, you can hang on to it when things get a bit intense.

    So it’s basic and therefore good.

    Also, a girl about to be caned can at least have confidence that she looks good, and immensely hot, in the classic bent over the table position.

    But … has no person of spirit already demonstrated these truths? To you? If not, I’m shocked. SHocked beyond all measure.


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