Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 131: Squat thrusts 4

raylene-squatRaylene dropped again, squatting then leaning forward to rest the weight of her upper body on her hands. Her face was face was red, with effort rather than embarrassment.

I watched her shoot her legs out, so her scarlet ass was the highest part of her body, now resting on her hands and toes. 

It occurred to me that I should make Raylene exercise more. 

Not because she wasn’t fit. Her ass proclaimed, in blazing color, that she was a naughty girl and now she was being punished for it. That’s always a distracting sight, at least for people like me. And for Lynette, it seemed. But Raylene’s ass and thighs also told of hours spent on gym equipment, or more likely just walking up and down the hills of this harbourside city. She was a fit, strong girl.

She straightened up again. “Seven, Master!”

“Good girl.”

raylene-tits“Thank you!” But her breasts bobbed and jiggled so beautifully when she had to move quickly that it’d be a shame not to make her do it more often.

Even if I couldn’t always get her an audience, other than just me.

“Ah, eight, Master!”

I looked at Lynette. “Do you think she needs an exercise program? Something like cycling in the air, and more squat thrusts every night before bed?”

Lynette was watching Raylene’s ass. Fervently. But she looked up and said, “Yes. I think so.”

“Nine, Master!”

“Good girl.” That was to Raylene. To Lynette I said, “Well, we’ll see. Perhaps we’ll hold it off till midnight tonight.”

Dorabella laughed, I guess at Lynette’s expression. Or Raylene’s. “Ten, Master!”

But Dorabella tried to sound serious and helpful when she said, “She’s always wanted a coach. Haven’t you, Raylene? She thinks she doesn’t exercise enough. So, Jaime, I think it’d be good for her if you make her.”

raylene-squat-2“Eleven, Master!” Raylene’s voice had taken on that whiny tone again. She wasn’t sure she liked the direction this was going. Which, because life is sexy when it’s complicated, meant that she loved it.

We all watched her last squat thrust. She stood straight, breasts still quivering, ass still glowing. “Twelve, Master.”

After a second she put her hands on her head.

2 thoughts on “Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 131: Squat thrusts 4

    • It took forever to find a pic of a girl actually doing a squat thrust naked. (That she had a caned arse would’ve been too much to hope for.)
      There is film of all this somewhere. Not of the whole story, but of the 26-stroke caning. Plus odd still images I took later. But I lost my copies three computers ago, when the motherboard fucked up beyond repair. Which was a real loss. And now I’m not even living in the country where it happened, though I’d expect at least one of real-Raylene, real-Dorabella or real-Lynette would still have a copy.
      But even if I had it I wouldn’t use any images. Consent is the major issue, but I’m not going to go asking partly because it’d feel crass, but mainly because I wouldn’t want to share any images anyway. It was all too magical; a day showered in pixie-dust.
      So a-Googling I went. Takes forever.

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