Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 128: Squat thrusts

To move or not to move

The first movement after a caning is the hardest

Even with my hand comforting her hips, Raylene seemed likely to continue being vocal unless stopped. So I said, “Get up, girl.”

“Oooh. Ooof. Oh Jesus, Master, that really hurt.” Raylene pushed her upper body up from the desk, and straightened up.

There was a box of tissues on her dresser. I passed them. “Clean your face up, love. And you can stop crying.”

“Thank you.” She meant for the tissues. She honked noisily. It took her four fluffy handfuls before she was ready. She stepped towards me and I held my arms out. I held her round her waist, no lower, while she snuggled in. Her belly bumped against my erection.

“Unh.” I said that. The contact had made me leak, a tiny trickle of pre-come.

Raylene pressed herself closer, and wriggled. “Oh,” she said. “You weren’t even slightly sorry for me, were you?”

Why do caned submissive want to rub their arses? I'll never know. I looks ... painful, and I'm against that

Why do caned submissive want to rub their arses? I’ll never know. It looks … painful, and you know I’m against that

“Unh. Girl… Well, a bit. Maybe. But hotness sort of overrode that.” I grinned lopsidedly so that she’d know I didn’t mean what I was about to say. “Sorry.”

“Hah.” Raylene stepped back and put her hands on her hips. She pushed down, straightening her back. “God, my arse feels like it weighs a ton. And it’s doubled in size.”

Dorabella had picked up the thin cane, holding it as I’d told her.

She was inspecting the business end for damage, “Raylene, your bum looks like an angry tomato. Actually.”

Lynette said, “In a good way. You look… well. Hot.”

Gymnastics, and thrusting, but the is NOT a squat thrust. They're doing it wrong.

Gymnastics, and thrusting, but the is NOT a squat thrust. They’re doing it wrong.

Raylene touched her fingertips very lightly on the corrugations across her ass. “Hot is right. It buuuuuuurns. I’ll be so stiff tomorrow.”

A joke about ‘stiff’ crossed my mind. But I thought of something better. “Well, we can fix that. Do you know how to do squat thrusts?”

“Squat thrusts?” She tried to sound amazed that such words even existed, especially in combination.

But she knew what they were.

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